Imagination as an interdimensional portal. Opening the doors of creativity.


At the end of every applause at any given show,you always hear two, three extra claps from some distracted spectator, when everyone else is already done clapping. Tonight’s guest has already been introduced and after the obligatory two or three -more or less honest- compliments from the host, and after two or three -more or less humble- thankyous from the guest the interview kept moving till its hottest point…

-The second before an Idea comes to world, you can almost feel its gravity and weight hovering over you, ready to channel though your mind into the word and materialise. The artist is an interdimensional portal chosen by this Abstract.

-What can you tell us about your creative process?

Considering the string theory*for a second, many more than our three to four dimensions are described. We find that the seventh dimension is infinity. In it exists all what already happened and all what will happen and all of the mentioned in all possible outcomes. The 8th dimension is all infinites together from other Universes that follow different physical laws and all existing and non-existing physical forces are there in all infite possible combinations to be found. The tenth dimension is the whole Multiverse, i.e all Universes together and there you can be damn sure,  that „you creative idea“ can be found somewhere in the infinity of the Multiverse. In an absolute sense, we cannot invent something. Everything exists in the tenth dimension. So every creative effort is just a realisation of that element belonging to a foreign dimension. Imagination works then as an interdimensional portal. It‘s a portal to the Unkown. Therefore you cannot imagine something impossible. This makes all your imaginations real, somewhere in the infinite. Because infinity englobes all.  Maybe we are not  really„creating“ in our minds, but actually twisting logic, teasing, and unfolding the threads, till you deduce a concept. Just like theorical physicists of the mystery we arrive to a creative conclusion, and get to see from there this other world. Maybe we are then doing nothing but just opening the door into other dimensions. And maybe all dimensions are in our minds.

Interesting. You talk about the Abstract raw material in the creative act as if it was sort of a spirit, a ghost, right?- The host rotated his hands while saying the words „ghost“ and „spirit“. The interviewed answered a very long yees nodding in a low voice. -How do you catch one of those spirits? Are this spirits different, or are they all the same?

First, in order to catch such an Idea the mind of the artist must be open. If the artist knows which kind of bait likes that particular alien, can attract it easily, like a flower attracts a bee. You have to come up with something this creatures can’t resist.

-And what is this bait?

-We’ll I’m glad you asked me, because I want to offer it. If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but you give him a rod and teach him how to angle you will feed him forever. So I wanted to transcend. I didn’t want to give isolated works of art to a world hungry of beauty and magic. I didn‘t want to give the people art, but give them the ability to do it by themselves. That’s why I decided to open a shop. A shop where I would sell bait for ideas.



-Which means?

-Questions! The second you ask the right question, you can feel it instantaneously striking you as a bite. Invading and paralysing you. It rends you speechless in terms of interior dialog. Mostly we crawl through our routinaded daily activity, looking without seeing, hypnotised by our mental static of cyclic though. A mental washing machine. But what the invasion of this alien causes is a split in your consciousness though which it comes to our world. This is the classic „Eureka“ moment and if you could just see yourself in the mirror at that precise moment, you’d be amused by how high are your eyebrows and how open are your eyes, as if they were so eager of catching more sight. After this paralysis you feel more alive than ever before. You are in that whirlpool of energy that bringing novelty into world makes. You have been fecundated, inseminated and became pregnant with it.

It can be a short or long pregnancy. The raw material may need a lot of maturation, incubation and you have to watch out and nurture it till its birth. Be wary of having a miscarriage or letting it die, because if it dies within you it will kill a part of your illusion with it. And if you let too many of those die inside of you, as you let them down, they will take you down with them. Someone said once that most humans live a life of silent desperation. If it dies, it will start to stink and it will rotten some parts of you as well. You have to stay focused, maintain your alertness carefully, because distractions will raise. Urgent is not a synonym of important, and fake priorities will stand in the way between you and the Alien you WANT to bring into the world. This interruptions will only make it more difficult for you to arrive at term. They will put off your spark and increase the chances of you having a miscarriage. It requires a lot of awareness to stay alert, and know your priorities. And just like in meditation, you have to stay focused, ignore the itching of the tip of your toe in other to reach ongoing deeper levels where this idea will be shaped, where the development of the foetus will take place.

Of course I’m not trying to make myself rich with it, it’s the world that I want to enrich though selling inflammable questions. So each question costs enough just to allow the shop to function and provide me with enough financial stability to keep producing questions, which should be affordable to all kinds of persons, 2 or 3 Euros, a few coins for reigns of unknown. This is meta-art. Art that generates Art. Which is a symbol of it‘s quality, because all great art inspires.

It’s a shop on a sidewalk, on a random narrow alley, not something you’d find in a mall. I hate malls in their epileptic display of fluorescent lighting and hysteric advertising everywhere eyes would lie. It has a sloppy sign, dusty looks and you might miss if not looking closer. It might remind you some those weird old shops you just wonder on what do they really base their income, like old shops that only sell candles, or watch batteries or hats. All my drawers are full with questions. The right ones; and the questions are classified by categories.

-What makes a question work?

-First they have to be open questions. Questions you can answer with yes/no won’t tease enough your brains, won‘t open any inner dialog. You see, if people don’t have ideas, it‘s because they don’t ask themselves enough questions.  The process of following and asking the questions on chain, Socratic creativity. That’s why there is a huge bust of Socrates on the right side of the counter in the shop. There is the world of ideas, and then there is the world of men. Ideas drop on men. Some ideas are so heavy, they could surely kill the man they fall on, if he doesn’t take care. We are bringing something new to the word from another dimension. That is the dimension of the ideas, where all other dimensions are included. What Plato talked about is only one dimension. And we, in our „cave“ are just in just another one, that is not less beautiful, or relevant that the other ones. Before this dominator culture we live in existed, there was what we might call the Shamanic connection with the unknown.  The unknown was a huge common space, with all mysteries within it, an outside dimension we could connect with.

Foto by Fred Dawson.



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